Production and development

2018 / 01 / 12


Essence bo company production base - bo yuan started work in 2007 and officially put into use in June 2009, Beijing jing bo company production base, as well as the health center pilot workshop, efforts is located in Beijing's daxing district town just after the village, efforts beijing-shanghai high-speed export and Zhang Cai road junction, transportation is convenient, the environment elegant; Jing bo garden covers an area of 40 acres, plant area of more than 8000 square meters, warehouse area of 1000 square meters, heating, water supply, logistics and other supporting facilities, has a prosthetic components, brace, multifunctional bed, alloy wheelchair, wheelchair multiple rehabilitation equipment such as production line, is set research and development, production, inspection, storage in a body's comprehensive production workshop. Workshop has cars, milling, pliers, welding, cutting, injection molding, marking, CNC machining centers and other professional production equipment and testing equipment more than 200 units, four, five axis machining center, CNC equipment are all imported equipment, Germany safe and reliable performance, high machining accuracy. It can produce 100,000 pieces of artificial limbs, 20,000 prostheses, 50,000 prostheses, and more than 100 special prosthetic devices. The shop material purchasing, inventory and production process all adopt the electronic management mode, and the whole process of production and inventory control is realized.


Jing bo 2016, the company set up research and development department, and increase the financial support for research and development and research and development tools, equipment, outside the use of existing production equipment, and procurement, ordered a 3 d printing, 3 d scanner, color analyzer, distributed temperature detector, mini CNC cars, CNC milling, universal testing machine and artificial limb orthoses dedicated detector equipment, was established in the research and development department of a year, has achieved new products research and development of intelligent joint 3 items, orthoses three products, and some products have been national patents.