Fast buckle

Unique research and development, rapid plug - in, easy to we

Great impact strength

Improved from the old version of the orthopedics to improve

Soft and breathable

A selection of lining, soft and breathable.

Fitted to the trunk curve

Unique texture design, extensibility, more fit

Upper limb orthosis

Two categories, which are divided into fixed (static) and fu

Lower limb orthosis

The main function is to support weight, assist or replace li

Spinal orthosis

Spinal orthosis is used to fix and protect the spinal column

Orthosis fittings

Fittings made of orthopedics

Jingbo rehabilitation training

Beautiful environment and enthusiasm for service

Intensive sports rehabilitatio

Make you happy in the process of recovery

Accommodation environment

Clean and sanitary to protect your health

Book reading area

Leisure reading, providing itself

Cervical Thoracic Orthosis
Philadelphia Cervical Collar
Inflatable Cervical Collar